1. Travel Dollars are accrued and held in a dedicated holding account subject to payment of your account in full by the Due Date each month.
  2. Travel Dollar statements are available online www.m2.com.au. Or alternatively up to date Travel Dollars information may be obtained by calling 0800 733 336.
  3. Current customers can redeem Travel Dollars through our nominated agent/s by calling the redemption number shown on the Travel Dollar Statement. A booking fee may be charged for some services. You will be advised at the time of making your booking if applicable.
  4. In certain situations, the percentage paid in Travel Dollars may be less than the standard 15%. In such situations, M2 will notify you of the revised percentage prior to activation of Services.
  5. You acknowledge that our nominated agent/s do not have any responsibility to you to pay your Travel Dollars and that M2 is solely responsible in that regard.
  6. Any outstanding monies unpaid by the Due Date of the final invoice will be deducted from accrued Travel Dollars. Travel Dollars not redeemed within 60 days of your notification of cancellation will be forfeited.
  7. If you wish to terminate your Agreement, you must provide at least 30 days’ prior notice in writing to M2. If written notice is not provided all accrued Travel Dollars may be forfeited.
  8. A monthly account administration fee of $3.00 (ex GST) will be charged on your Travel Dollars account.